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1805 Will

This is will written in 1805 by William McMurray living in Ballygargan or Ballynaghy townlands, with sons James, William and Samuel, with daughters Jane Wilson & Eliza and son-in-law Thomas Joyce.

I found the will completely by accident in the Public Records Office Northern Ireland (Ref D/959/34/1/2), when looking for another piece of information.

The document can be downloaded here as a 21kb text document, that contains additional footnotes, not shown below.


In the name of God Amen. The twenty second day of May in the year of your Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and five. I William McMurray being sick but of sound mind and memory thanks be onto God. I therefore make this my last will and testament in the following mannor and form and first of all I leave and bequeath to my son James McMurray the house that he now livith in with the one half of my barn togeather with the "rushey " bottom joyns the "pole darn " and the meadow ajoyning said field also the little rushey bottom that joyns on the road.

Secondly I leave and bequeath to my son William McMurray the house that now livith in with the other half of my barn, also the little garden beyond the river, togeather with the field behind the house also "Vaians's " round field and the other field that joyns Hugh Dempsy and the dam, and my is that the meadow that I bequeathed to my son James he is to have his part of it as I shall mention now, the near part of it ajoyning the "clouv_ _will " and the flax whole and "glove " and order that my son William is to have a part of said meadow that is from the flax whole down within twenty five yards of the far end.

Thirdly I leave to my son-in-law Thomas Joyce the house that I now live in my self and the potato house with three "_ _ _ _ " in the garden togeather with Vaians back field the long field that joyns SamL McMurry's farm and my will is that my said son-in-law, Thomas Joyce is to have the other part lastly of my meadow which I have Bequeathed to my two sons James and William that he shall have 25 yards of the said meadow "C_ _y " I have alike I have and bequeathed to my son SamL Murry two shillings and eight pence fifty and no more.

And lastly I leave and bequeath to my daughter Jane Wilson, six pounds, sixteen shillings and six pence and I likewise order that said money is to be raisd of my goods and chattels and if my said goods and effects will not amt. to said sum after paying all my funeral expenses and debts she is to have no more than what remains.

I like wise order that what land that I have bequeathed to my sons that they are to let each other have a provilage of a road through other William McMurray to pass though Thos. Joyce as a road, James is to pass through William and Thomas Joyce to pass through William, I likewise order that each of these three that I have mentioned shall have a full provilage of sitting their corn or hay where formely it and to stand without any interruption by any.

And lastly I order that my son William McMurray, SamL Murray and William wear to be my whole and sole executrs of this my last will and testament, breaking all will or wills only this my last will and testament "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ " I have set my hand and seal the day and year first within mentioned.

Signed sealed and published and dulivred in the presents of us -
Moses Joyce
William Weer
Bradshaw McMurray

William McMurray

I bequeath to my daughter Eliza four pounds, ten shillings and five pence half penny sterling.

William McMurray

1901 Census / Griffith's Val. / Bluestone Sch. / Tithe / Muster Rolls / Dromore
1857 Census / 1805 Will

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