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Below I will give information on where Northern Ireland is and how it is divided into Parishes and Townlands.


The administrative divisions in Ireland consisted of a variety of land units in descending order of size: County, Barony, Parish and Townland. In the present day only County boundaries are used and townland boundaries are only used as local names for areas.


A territorial unit equivalent to the English shire, it was created by the English administration in Ireland as the major subdivision of an Irish province and dates from the 13th to the 17th century. The counties as they are today in Northern Ireland were planned in 1584 but many existed long before this date.


Originally the landholding of a feudal baron. Large baronies were later subdivided until there were 58 baronies in the area that comprises the present day Northern Ireland


An ecclesiastical unit of territory that came into existence in Ireland in its present form in the 12th and 13th centuries and was continued by the Established Church of Ireland after the Reformation


The townland is an ancient unit, dating back to pre-Norman times, and is the smallest administrative division throughout the island of Ireland that is still in use.


Below is a map showing where Northern Ireland is in relation to Europe and England


The "Public Records Office in Northern Ireland" has created an excellent map showing all County and Townland boundarys. I have included a link to that page below.

PRONI map link


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